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We live and work against a context that is fast changing, ambiguous at times, full of opportunity as well as frustration. For starters:

Businesses exist both to add real value to their communities and the environment as well as delivering value to shareholders. Many do, but some have apparently lost sight of this. How can we help spread the enthusiasm and vision in many sectors more widely?

Politicians and business leaders are not trusted nor respected across our communities as much as they used to be. Perhaps work is needed to help them rebuild their reputations and to help them be more authentic, humble and open?

What we stand for and believe in as societies - our values - risk becoming blurred. Values such as generosity, trust, respect, integrity and collaboration are more aspirational rather than lived. How do we help each other reconnect with these?

Many of us in society think that the people we have in leadership positions could do better and may not be the right kind of leaders we believe we need. And yet, we're not sure. What is inevitable though is that modern day leaders will have to be comfortable with the ambiguities in our modern world where things are not predictable. Not everything can be fixed and not everything will follow normal patterns. They'll also need to be able to show they can understand what's going on at a global level and be able to build relationships across boundaries. Does this mean we need to think differently about how we develop leaders? Perhaps we as citizens need to be more forgiving of our leaders and take up our own personal responsibility to 'make a positive difference'.

Sections of our communities and parts of the world have had their hopes in the future dashed whilst others feel positive and optimistic. Should this be explored more fully and understood, so that we can all play a more creative part in shaping the future?

Original Talent is a team of people who see our role as holders of the mirror, more often than not. We don't want to preach or tell people what to do, but to encourage individuals and businesses to pause for a moment, take stock and ask honest questions of themselves.

We'll advise on some suggestions and options, help develop skills and understanding. But the responsibility for action is always with the people with whom we work. We'll do our very best to be better role models too and to invite feedback so we can learn.

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