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Throughout our band of consultants the list of clients we've worked for is a very long one. We've worked in mostly every sector of business and we've worked in charities and the not for profits. We've worked internationally on most continents. If you ask, we'll gladly provide you a list and references of course.

Here are some nice words that some folk have said about us:

"I've never considered myself to have a legacy before. This is the most eye opening piece of leadership development." North American Senior Manager, Global Bank

"The pre-work really sets us up for an effective programme. Very thought provoking. Wonderful, the best one ever." US Senior Manager, Global FS

"Just to say congratulations. A great 2 days, very focused on subjects that can help the participant in such a short time. Fantastic." South American Senior Manager (speaking in his/her second tongue)

"I shall do less fire-fighting and more strategic thinking as a leader." Indian Senior Manager, Singapore Global Bank

"Many thanks for your excellent support. You have a great skill and I know we wouldn't be at the position we are now without you." Founder of major UK charity

"We checked in with one of the participants. He was telling me how one of the senior guys in his area has been saying that the programme has been really significant/seminal to him." L&D Leader, UK Media company

Recent clients include:

We have close links with the following organisations:

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