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Our approach to coaching is one which recognises that people are always at different stages of their personal journeys, so we look to address their particular issues and needs with the fundamental aim of helping people make progress forward.

We love it when people learn more about themselves or find answers within themselves to questions that they have. As you might imagine, we also believe that everyone is unique and original, so we're committed to dealing with every situation on its own merits.

It's great when individuals (and teams for that matter) say that they are willing to give something a go or try a new approach to see what difference it might make. We never ceased to be amazed that loads of people and businesses seem to think that by doing more of the same in the same way, they'll get a manifestly differently result. That's mad... in our view. Coaching can really help re-think something. We've seen this happen lots of times, so we're pretty confident that we can help.

We've grouped coaching into the following areas:

When we coach people and teams, we follow accepted best practice guidelines. This ensures complete confidentiality for clients and involves the following clear stages in a process. We also ensure that our coaches are themselves accountable for their practice through forms of supervision.

One:     meeting up, getting to know each other and then contracting formally around an issue, needs or specific questions. This may involve contracting with a superior or colleague as well.

Two:     discovery and exploration around the issues and the person (people) using various diagnostic tools as needed (we are experienced and qualified using a number of tried and tested tools, questionnaires and processes).

Three:  ongoing and deeper exploration using techniques to aid interpretation of issues and options for progress. Trying things out and committing to action. Implementing actions.

Four:     reviewing progress and deciding on how to (if) continue. Checking if it's working!

Almost without exception, people who we've worked with have found the coaching process fun, revealing, rewarding and uplifting. We'll gladly explain more in person.

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