tree of life

The processes of fusing, bonding and sandblasting produce very diverse effects. Consequently there is a huge range of styles, textures and character that can be achieved from a limited range of raw materials. It can also be mounted so that the light passes through it, or just reflects off it; the use of a sandblasted mirror behind a panel means that light can pass through the glass before being reflected back.

I enjoy creating unique works for walls, doors and windows, sculptures for both indoors and outdoors and functional items such as coasters, tiles and splashbacks to inspire you and bring an individual touch to your world.

Glass is a wonderful media to use in a garden. It adds vibrant colour in the winter when colour is in short supply, and coloured glass is especially bright in the snow. Sculptures can be used with outdoor lighting, including coloured lighting, to add interest even after dark. All garden sculptures are made to order in a wide range of colours. Although the glass is robust, care should be taken with suspended glass in very windy conditions.

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