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Leading organisations in today's fast changing times in is not easy. It requires personal and organisational resilience, courage, confidence and importantly, an openness to listen, learn and see beyond the immediate. Navigating the vast range of pressures on us requires personal and organisational groundedness. These are things we believe we can help you develop, explore and apply for yourselves.

We have a choice of course, how to embrace the good aspects of the changing times (great advances in technology for example) whist holding on to those things that are fundamental to our identity.

We know that enlightened organisations are concerned about the culture in their businesses and teams. By culture, we mean "the way things are around here" and that can sometimes enable achievement of strategic goals and sometimes, it is a major blocker to high performance and achievement of goals. What we're interested in is helping leaders recognise and understand their current culture (we have some innovative workshops and tools that facilitate this) and build a realistic plan to develop it towards something that will be more aligned with strategic direction.

(And sometimes, we find that the desired cultural change is too big a step to take which means a need for managed change and transition. At the end of the day, it's all very well to want a completely different culture but the people in the business have to be able to shape it for themselves at a pace that stretches them without creating disaster!)

When it comes to change management, our belief is that this goes beyond adopting a generic change management methodology. As you might imagine from reading about us, we focus on people and leadership as key agents of effective change. Building on principles of authentic and responsible leadership, we work with leaders to help them build personal resilience and lead well in tough times. And we'll advise on performance issues, structural design and other levers of effective change where needed.

Through our links with partner organisations, we can provide academically accredited change management and leadership modules.

Finally, our making effective leadership transitions approach and framework is another brilliant tool for helping individual leaders (and groups) grapple with change for themselves and come out of the transitions able to thrive in such stimulating times.

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