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Over the last few years, many businesses and organisations have woken up to the fact that they have in their people, "their most important asset", and as such have begun to devise ways of "managing talent" better so that they can get the best people into their business and put them in the right roles for them and the enterprise. This is by and large good news.

But we have an issue with the way people are often referred to as "the most important asset". At best, enlightened businesses "get this" and enable people to feel more than just employees - more like partners and co-creators of the future. Sadly, some businesses still don't get it and they don't invest enough time and energy in thinking carefully about stewarding peoples' skills, motivations and abilities, perhaps losing some of their better people at the wrong times, or promoting the wrong people into key roles.

Talent Stewardship is about identifying, acknowledging, releasing and guiding all your peoples' talents for the long term well-being and fulfilment of individuals and the business. It's about collaboration and enabling, not purely control and process. It's about encouraging bold thinking and practice that could be different from traditional and expected patterns. It's concerned with fostering a climate through which organisations become places where people grow for the enterprise's future and the benefit of wider markets, clients, communities and society.

It is of course still about making sure you have a great bunch of people who will be able to lead and sustain your business in the future.

So what this means is that our goal is to work with organisations to develop an integrated and holistic approach to working with their "talent". In practice, this can involve some or all of the following:

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