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Throughout history mankind has passed down knowledge and wisdom through the medium of story. So why would this be any different now? It isn't. Through films and theatre, through books and cartoons, through news papers and now Facebook and youtube, we share our experiences, we encounter our heroes and we try to make sense of our dreams.

At It's Original we use story, metaphor and narrative in much of our work. We run workshops on how leaders can communicate best what's on their mind and in their heart. And it's not just about "once upon a time, there was a..." The best communicators use language that inspires.

They can paint pictures even with numbers and charts. They can lay out the case persuasively.

Moreover, they know that to be effective they must use their whole self to invest in their message so they rehearse, test and seek feedback.

We will help you devise and refine your narrative as an individual and an organisation.

We will help you practice public speaking, communicating using your voice, your words and your body.

And you can see the link perhaps to how individuals talk about themselves at interviews and through their CV.

Just - Monday's Times

When Samuel Davids, young and invincible CEO of a global business, boards a plane to New York for what he believes will be a tough yet entirely manageable high profile meeting, he is unprepared for a chance conversation that will change his life.

Trapped in business class with an unconventional travelling companion, the journey proves to be an uncomfortable catalyst for him to reappraise his life and to rediscover a sense of meaning - what it means to be leading in today's business world where integrity is in short supply.

This modern day allegory sheds a piercing light on the nature of twenty-first century life and challenges us to respond, to pay more attention along the way and to reconnect with some age-old principles.

Tim Richardson's first book blends his passion for storytelling with learning in a way that provokes thinking and reflection. He has spent over 20 years developing people and leaders in all walks of life and in many cultures, with major global businesses and small enterprises alike, always bringing challenge and encouragement in these uncertain times for leaders.

Price: £ 6.99

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