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The way we work: working with you at significant moments

leadership lessons - understanding your organisation

We like to understand you and your organisation as best we can before we try and offer advice or support or a learning intervention.

Because we believe that people are most likely to learn or change at times that they acknowledge as special moments in their journeys, we love it when we can work with individuals, teams and organisations that are in times of transition or facing key moments.

For example:

Our approach is to help you gain understanding of your options, to enable each party to gain insights and from there to find ways to add value through working with you to co-create ways forward.

This is all typical consultant process but where we aspire to be different (and often succeed) is also to help you sustain changes and embed learning.

We know that as human beings we don't just change our behaviours on the back of one programme or intervention. We need time to make sense of things for ourselves, to come to our own conclusions and to develop habits. We often need support and coaching, and at It's Original we provide expert coaches to work with you in whatever ways are appropriate.

leadership lessons - understand, add value and sustain

Oh, and we like to think that the
programmes, workshops and interventions
are themselves
significant moments!

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