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We've found that over the years, many businesses and people spend a lot of energy and money developing their skills and capabilities, which is of course absolutely fine. And we have discovered that not so many groups spend energy and money thinking about deeper aspects of their humanity and how this impacts their work and their lives.

Much of our lives is focused on how much we know and how we can use that knowledge in our workplace. The default question that we ask people when we meet them for the first time is often "and what do you do?" It's as if we get our sense of value from what we do rather than who we are.

In our view, this is only part of the picture. It's as if we think we can operate as doughnuts - a solid ring with a hole in the middle. No one does this.

So one theme that runs throughout all our work pretty much is the fact that as humans we need to understand and live by our values, our identity and our narrative - our personal story and sense of meaning. We know from all our work that it's these that shape "how" and "why" people behave as they do, and where they default to when things get tough.

Our model simply illustrates this and you can expect that when we work with you, we may refer to this and ensure that somewhere in your world / workplace, the inner rings are being referenced and developed.

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