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Leadership development - an approach focussing on leading authentically

Thousands of people have written and taught about this over centuries, so we really don't think we've got anything much new to say here. BUT... we've some older things to remind people about and help them understand better.

We believe that leadership is not something that should remain in a classroom and be taught by people who have read lots about it and worked out some fancy theories. It helps of course to know a bit about what other people have said over the years, but leadership is about learning through experience. It's about making mistakes, about surprising yourself and others, and most importantly about creating the space for others to excel.

We believe that really effective leaders in the modern world will be humble yet self confident, open and adaptable, comfortable with things that aren't always clear cut. They will be able to make sense of our complex world and simplify things for their people.

Our approach is to help people build an authentic picture of themselves as a leader and to remain true to that. Proven techniques and new skills can be added after that.

This authentic approach is based on a deep understanding of what makes you unique and then devising ways of playing more to your strengths. So up front, there's a lot of investment in self awareness. It's also about helping you as leaders understand what can de-rail you and how your motivation can get out of balance. Ongoing coaching and support is essential and really effective leaders make time for this as they recognise the value of continual learning.

We also believe in experiential learning for leaders, so we have over the years used lots of creative ways of helping individuals put their leadership understanding to the test in real scenarios that are sometimes different, challenging and stimulating.

For example, our Leadership Oasis programme has taken people to a developing economy and provided opportunities for them to work alongside local leadership to build true appreciation of the challenges present in our modern world.

But we don't have to take people overseas to develop their leadership. We have worked extensively across all sectors to use projects, assignments and other means to encourage learning. We believe in learning through meeting inspiring people who have stories to tell themselves and are exceptional role models.

We are also strong advocates for a reflective approach to leadership learning that balances the pace of work life.

Our expertise is in the design of integrated programmes, inspirational coaching and support, all based on our simple belief in fundamentals of our common humanity.

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